600+ Reasons To Vote For Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

For those who are still thinking about it and have not made their mind up till today and are still asking “Why Choose Gajendra Singh Shekhawat as our elected Member of Parliament?” here are a few facts that might help you make up your mind.

Attendance: With 91% attendance in parliament in last 5 years, it is self evident he actually wants to be a member of parliament. National attendance rate of MPs is of 86% that means he is serious about the “Job” and shows up to his office each day everyday without failing. Most of us don’t have school/college attendance that high, this is enough evidence of his sincerity towards his job and his chosen profession. Compare that to the “tallest” leaders of opposition Mr. Rahul Gandhi and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who have attended parliament sessions 51% and 60% of the times respectively. I’m a businessman, I will only hire someone who is dedicated to his job and shows up everyday to the job that he has been chosen to do. I would hire him for his dedication alone.

Participation : Idly sitting there in the chair allotted to the MP is not enough, let’s analyze what he did in parliament.  Gajendra Singh Shekhawat participated in 320 debates in the parliament. While the national rate of participation in debate was only 54.5 debates by each MP in 16th parliament. It’s evident that the Jodhpur MP enjoys confidence in what he has to say about issues of national importance. With him as our Member of Parliament Jodhpur will always have a voice on national platform. A few issues that Mr. Gajendra Singh spoke about in the parliament:

  • Need to establish higher education institutions for engineering and medical students.
  • Issues related to political killings.
  • Demand to ensure implementation of the 2013 Manual Scavenging Act and 2014 Supreme Court judgments to prevent loss of lives and to uplift the dignity of the Dalits.
  • Demand to raise income tax deduction under section 80C for the parents having only one or two  children.
  • Issues related to shell companies scam in India.
  • Need to provide jobs to the sportspersons under sports quota
  • Demand to introduce a bill to give effect to the Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Request for easy entrance of the students in class 11 and diploma courses
  • The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Public-Private Partnership) Bill, 2017
  • Regarding no martyr status to paramilitary personnel who sacrifice their lives on the line of duty
  • Demand for the compensation to the farmers affected due to heavy rains
  • Demand to grant pension to the BSF jawans served more than 10 years
  • Demand to raise the salaries of anganwadi workers
  • Regarding the issue of human trafficking
  • Regarding the issue of illegal immigrants entering India
  • Demand to take steps to reduce industrial waste discharged into rivers
  • Request to make an action plan against people who curbs the right of expression of citizens
  • Demand to link Aadhaar number to voters list
  • Compensation to the farmers suffered losses due to the hailstorm in Rajasthan
  • Regarding the issue of human trafficking.
  • Demand for committee to review the report on Mobile radiation.
  • Demand to stop the import of specified Chinese goods to India
  • Raising the issues of disable people and their facilities
  • Related to the delay in scholarships to the SC, ST and OBC students
  • Need to provide armed license to ex-army men on priority basis to get employment as security guards
  • Regarding the conditions of CRPF personnel
  • Regarding modernization of Police
  • Request to put diplomatic pressure on Denmark and ensure that Kim Davy is brought to India

These are just random examples of what our member of parliament spoke on in the parliament. there are 320 issues/questions that our current member of parliament brought into the attention of parliament.

If we compare that with “most prominent leaders” of the opposition Mr. Rahul Gandhi who participated in only 14 debates and Mrs. Gandhi who participated in 6 debates, we get an idea about who is more sincere towards their job.  If the tallest leader doesn’t want to speak in the parliament, why should we vote for his stooges.  We should think about who we vote into power.

Questions asked by Mr. Gajendra Singh in parliament, 312. Raising important issues regarding health, infrastructure, national security, agriculture, banking, terrorism, etc while the Mr.  Gandhi and Mrs Gandhi managed to raise a whooping “0” questions since 2014 in the parliament.  Why do they even want to get elected in parliament? Why are people supporting such below average members of parliament? Most astonishingly they are the chosen and undisputed leaders in congress. If you are going to call below par members of parliament I for one would have serious doubts about your integrity, ethics and Intelligence.

Private Member Bills : Mr. Gajendra Singh Shekhatwat introduced 2 private member’s bill in the parliament. While the Mother and Son duo  together could not find even a single law that needs amendment or were not even bothered to introduce any bills in the parliament. Which again could only be because of 2 reasons only,  1 either they are too lazy to work or 2 incompetent to work. I wonder what the thought process of the other congress leaders is like. I wonder why  anyone would choose an incompetent and lazy individuals as their leaders.

Just remember this one thing before voting, Mr. Gehlot (junior) will without a shadow of a doubt follow the incompetent and lazy “leadership” of Mr. Rahul Gandhi (just like his father Mr. Ashok Gelhot). Their loyalty is towards the hereditarily acquired position that Mr. Gandhi enjoys, not towards the nation or its people. If we choose to vote for Mr. Gajendra Singh, rest is assured that Jodhpur will always have a voice as long as he is representing us, the people of Jodhpur. It would be a travesty if Mr. Vaibhav Gehlot gets elected and future generations will ask us why Jodhpur could not identify a clear gem of a person that Mr. Shekhawat is, how could we be so blinded by caste and religious politics?

I urge the educated people of Jodhpur to make an educated choice. We cannot behave nihilistically and let go of our responsibilities as an active member of a free society. The threat is real, the threat of appointing an incompetent and unethical man to one of the most important position in Jodhpur. Assume the responsibility because each one of us matter, every vote matters. We already have enough incompetent people sitting in chairs. We are a republic, where every member of the society has a duty to fulfill.  The soldiers on the borders are not protecting the land, but they are protecting our right to participate in the democratic process. With rights that we enjoy, we also have duties to fulfill, voting is our duty. Shoulder that burden of responsibility and vote. Every single vote counts. This truly is the election for the “Soul of India”. Will we again be fooled by the cunning politician who have played the “caste and religious game” so well since the independence or will we make an intelligent choice. The D Day is almost here.  This election will decide the path that we as a nation choose. The facts and Data are available in public domain for everyone to see. Gajendra Singh has worked hard for last five years in the parliament and in public domain, now its our turn to reward him for his hard work. he should not be campaigning for himself. He has proven his metal, a befitting gesture to his work would be if each of us campaign for him. Not as a party member, not as a political activist, but as responsible citizen, for betterment of Jodhpur.

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