Stages Of Separation

I hide, I seek
The mark on her cheek 
Her kiss, her glare
The light she bares 
Her style her flare 
The ominous affair 

Some glimpse of her 
Are rare and few
High defensive walls 
That she just drew 
Solitude implored
At her own accord

With no time to waste 
Always in haste 
Never thought it through 
Restlessness just grew 
Ambiguous words commute 
From an impulsive brute 

Indifference received
Her reasons perceived  
Resentment tiptoe
Pride, the eternal foe
Of the bourgeoisie
Pursuit of earthly acquired, self-consciously 

Caveat to flee, resolute 
Fear of alienation, absolute 
Hopes of past, relinquish 
Passion and fervor, extinguish
Future be held, disassociation 
Rise and fall, our creation 

But how to let go
Of our dream chateau
Memories that unite  
Nostalgia it might
In years together we grew
Now an incomplete me, and an incomplete you.

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