David Vs Goliath

The threshold of a survivor’s might
Against the will of the unjust to cause fright
The means to establish dominance over the right
Desires for the righteous to choose the other path or to sway
This shall persist, the eternal fray.

Don’t get disheartened
Don’t loose the hope, keep faith in the eternal
He can’t continue this forever,
Match him for his each blow
Weak maybe he is not,
Immortal is not your foe

Empty is his show of strength
Source of his clout, it’s not very deep
He will get exhausted, his frailty shall creep
Let him know he bit more than he can chew,
Courage lasts for ever, evil never do.

Seek strength from those who came before you
You are survivors like your idols and your kins
As they were the last last man standing in this fray
There is still a sliver lining nothing for you to be in dismay
Choose this as your battle
This is an opportunity to discover your metal

You won’t be granted once you are fragile, weak and gray
Smile at this imbecile, for you choose to stand and walk the treacherous pathway
Heroes are made in the battles they choose,
Immortality is not granted in skirmish but in such eternal fray

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