You are asking me to renounce the strongest impulse that there is,
When I know that your embrace will give me what I call peace.
Your touch that I have been craving for so long,
In an attempt to sway you I write poems and song.
Animal instincts carefully suggested with pinch of flair,
The Princess and a Beast, the imminent affair,
I imagine you in standing right in front of me, in all your glory, all naked and bare,
There’s nothing much I would rather do, but spend all my days in uninterrupted stare.
As you walk closer, I feel that sound in her chest, the deafening roar,
My knees give in, and I shatter to the floor.
You grab me from my hair and make me elevate,
That savage dominant nature of yours that remained a hidden trait.
You pulled me enough that I still stay seated with my knees on the ground,
Clear view of what remained hidden treasure that no one ever found.
You put one feet on my shoulder, I unveil what remained concealed with your long hair,
“You are not allowed to touch yet, part the hair strands with your mouth blowing the air”.
As obey your commands to eat that passion fruit,
Under your spell, this big old dumb brute.

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