A Soul Beyond Redemption

Let my story be told by those who hate me
But truth must be told unconditionally 
They will all hate me eventually
I ask for forgiveness and carry the burden of guilt
For her righteousness that I know is overbuilt 
Not to redeem myself 
Of the pain I’ve caused 
it was our moment of weakness
And she blames it on me 
Not that I am a virtuous man 
I have my demons that comes out every now and then 
Beacon of light I’ll never be 
A soul beyond redemption 
Yes I agree 
But tell me the truth and let me know if your conscious is clear and free…

She Flees…

Slung in the war of hearts
Confined, imprisoned and shackled she feels 
Bound by love that never was what she seeked 
With emptiness in her heart she flees 
She flees for a refuge 
A safe haven for her scared heart 
Losing him is not what she wishes for 
Having him is an improbability 
Few broken hearts are always a certainty 
Clam outside, inside a deafening roar 
With dreams so rare she flees into the war.

Slung in the war of hearts 
Confined, imprisoned and shackled she feels 
The dreams of “Always and forever” are still out there 
To carve those dreams she ask him not hurt himself 
“Our future is still an uncertainty 
At gates of heavens I’ll wait till eternity” 
The asylum of solitude is her Elysium 
She bathes in the river her own tears 
Safety of “him” and his loved one is what she most fears 
Slung in the war of hearts 
Confined, imprisoned and shackled she feels 
She flees.. She flees..

Into The Abyss…

Into the abyss I stroll
Away from love and sympathy
This lust for self destruction, out of control
In hollow chest is an empty heart
The agony of being apart
In myself an endless void
The darkness in me gets me paranoid

Yes, burn under hellfire and brimstone for which I stay
To endure the everlasting fray
A monster for a hero
For only himself to kill
Bleeding all purple
For his own demise for thrill
A wretched soul
Confined to misery
Ever so petrified
Inflicting myself with pain
For the momentary pleasure
Never again never again
Ashes to ashes dust to dust
Witness an utter annihilation of self, I must…

Would you agree……….?

There is this field where I want you to accompany me

I want to take you to the place where I grow my grain; it feeds me well for the sweat, tears and pain.

It’s an October evening with cold breeze,

all across the land you’ll see, how the millet cobs that just sway with me.

I sway to the sounds of what the wind brings to me, sound of folksingers singing a timeless melody.

I’m sitting at the edge of what I call a pond, looking at the curves of sky where it meets the ground.

The sun is about to set and it’s beautiful, I’m thinking of you and they are singing about “Moomal”.

I’ve sent for the singers for them to sing me, all the while I set up this canopy.

I will set it up near the bank of this pond, this little water body and I have a very special bond.

For my ancestors with bare hands brought out the stone.

They built their homes and they built them well, not just for shelter not just a place to dwell.

These are my fields and they feed me well……….

The sun is about to go down, the skies will get lit, and water will reflect the moon for the next 6 hours.

Like in the mirrors you can see two twinkling stars.

It’s about to get dark and there’s a feast to be prepared, some broken wings and shattered dreams to be repaired.

Moonshine prepared from spices worth gold, you can’t find this anywhere else, there’s no place where this is sold.

Nomadic recipes to drink and to eat,

only if you could have joined me, ahh what a treat.

Everything going as well and as I planned, you have your reasons and I surely understand.

Now that the singers are here and I ask them to sing the me song that reminds me of you, you are not here but I know you can feel this too……….

This song always reminds me of you, every word of this song …… dear lord how true.

I think of you and I start dreaming like a child, mere thoughts of you and my imaginations run wild.

You should be here, in my arms instead of being confined.

Let’s go back to the times when we were two vines intertwined.

If you were here I would have dressed accordingly and not like a mess, a tunic for me and for you, a backless dress.

Visible to my sight is this princess from old folklore, her beauty, her charm, her elegance all in galore.

Moomal , “the one with kohl eyes that rivals the beauty of lightning in the dark clouded sky ….irresistible lips through which only elixir flows, her teeth defined as pomegranate seed”.

Such unparalleled beauty, yes indeed.

You are beside me this is a perfect date, “nothing can go wrong “I scream, as I challenge my own fate.

A little bit of arrogance and the weather takes a quick turn, I know what mischievous gods have churned.

Planning for this was a big task, “My Hero, did you plan for it to rain…..” you condescendingly ask.

I bring in the fire hastily, place the floor matt and bring the blanket from back of my car,

I thank the mischievous Gods for how close we are

You are shivering as it’s cold and you are soaking wet, I give you my coat and we have snuggled in to this one blanket.

Sitting by the fire and as we eat, a stray cat has found the perfect place to purr at our feet.

You bring my left arm around you so that I can hold you from your waist, we can stay like this forever, and there is no haste.

As you rest your head on my shoulder, my eyes look at you expectingly, in my arms you collapse meltingly.

You place your hand on back of my head, and pull me close to where I’ve been aiming at, how adorable are you as you are shy of this one stray cat.

If I offered you this, would you agree?

Now I ask again my dear, would you agree for such date with me …………..?